Longing for their Love, rips my heart apart…

Smiling through pain…trying to perfect this Art!

As the clouds swift past the Moon, the longing creeps in….

As the wind caresses my hair like Mum,

My heart sings the lullaby to the Moon…the one my Granny used to hum,

The two brightest stars, they say, are my Granny-GrandPa,

Grown up I am, but the soul refuses to outgrow their lap,

The lap that went up the flames, but the love that holds me strong,

The love, the light…brighter than Moonlight,

Guiding me through the crossroads,

Are two ‘Brightest Stars’ smiling at me each night,

As the Wind embraces me yet again,

The sting of longing pierces my heart,

And the tears roll down,

Tears of hope…that Dawn is just hours away,

But the same Dawn will take away my brightest stars!

And Life goes on…

A life full of laurels, yet a life that’s empty without them…

A life full of Sunlight, yet a Life that blooms under Moonlight…

A life that made their dreams come true, yet a life that is melting away like Dew…

And the life goes on…

Copyright: Mahima Sharma

The Author is an Independent Journalist & Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters). 

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