Dare to Believe


Dare to believe, Dare to conceive…
A Dream to Fly, a Will to soar High.

If you believe the angels dance in the sky,
If you believe in the stardust..up high,
Why can’t you value your own guiding heart?
Why is your mind so-very torn apart?

If you can believe in the innocence of her eyes,
What keeps you away, from rising high?
If you can believe in his words of love,
What keeps you away from being a peace-dove?

Dare to hold that trembling, ageing hand…
Dare to believe in strength of the weakest strand,
Dare to believe in your own courage,
Dare to believe that you can bring a change.

Feeling scared about how light will be shone?
Remember…the single Moon brightens the Earth alone.

Dare to believe life is a gift,
Dare to believe…magic of courage is swift,
Dare to live a life that grows beyond shatters,
Be the one for whom the whole world matters,

All your hopes and dreams are within your reach….
If only you dare to believe.
The caterpillar dared to believe, so flies off as a Butterfly!

Copyright: Mahima Sharma

The Author is an Independent Journalist and Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters)

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