Ladies, Stop Being Sorry!


Ladies, Stop Being Sorry..

For these Simple Things!

Ladies, Stop Being Sorry…

For breaking away few Strings!

I am here penning a note to myself,

Which may come handy to even yourself,

One bright day I asked myself…

“Are you sorry for who you are?”

Post introspection I told myself…

“You are just being Sorry for simply being who you are!”

I realized that indeed,

I am sorry way too often,

Or may be I am suffering…

From the “Apology Syndrome,”

Thus, I decided to do away with Sorry…

To get off with black, and add some Chrome!

So…I will no longer be Sorry,

For taking care of myself,

Yes, I deserve to be Pampered,

As well as get the Me-Time,

And won’t feel guilty about it,

Since it ain’t any Crime!

No, I will no longer be Sorry…

For not being a Super-woman,

You need help?

Then you ought to help me too,

I won’t be an efficient animal…

At display in the zoo!

Nothing to be sorry about,

As I have begun delegating tasks,

To stop living a life…

That wanted me to wear Masks!

No I will NOT be Sorry,

For putting myself FIRST,

No longer I will issue an apology,

Simply to quench your ego’s thirst,

I am now a priority to myself,

Because I owe myself…my own being,

Before anything else!

No I won’t be apologetic,

And stand-up for what is right,

If that makes me away from whom I love,

I will still be making choices about what I deserve.

No, I am NOT Sorry for being who I AM

Why should I be guilty for simply being ME?

And thus One bright day,

I said “No” to my full-time job,

And Yes, I am not Sorry..

For letting the hefty salary go,

Yes, I am not Sorry…

For deflating the Boss’ ego.

And Yes, I have survived…

Since “Sorry” is no longer my scream,

Yes, I have survived…

Because I am living my cherished dream!

Now I travel, write and enjoy Life,

And I’m no longer mentally shabby,

So Ladies, Stop Being Sorry,

For things that make you Happy!

Copyright: Mahima Sharma

The Author is an Independent Journalist and Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters)

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