The Lost Soldier’s Wife


I wait for you with your favourite Orchids,

I look at the Rainbow and my thoughts leave me,

I hold our children close to my heart,

And recall the times when we were never apart.

I send my hope as rising waves to the shore,

I pray to hold you in my arms once more,

The war has made me bitter and cold,

As my heart aches with a fear untold,

A fear to never be in your arms,

A fear to die without your charm.

My eyes bleed with love when I am told,

Good soldiers are made with hearts of gold

You are my gem, long lost for now,

They ask me to forget you…just tell me how?

My evenings are spent at our Oak tree,

Till my eyes get weary as weary they can be,

People give me news from far and near,

And I find it hard to believe you will be near.

But then your daughter holds me tight

“Mumma…Papa has gone to fight”

“Don’t worry he will be home”

She gives me hope in shades of chrome.

And I try find Happiness and Cheer,

Her bright smile pushes apart my fear.

She is five now, with golden hair

Her eyes deep green are far from despair,

Your son is ten, handsome lad like you,

Reminds me of the times, I had fallen for you,

Come my love, happiness calls out,

Return my love, togetherness calls out,

I recall your words time and again,

They give me strength in these times of disdain,

“Look within yourself when times are blue,

Happiness is a soul that resides in you”

So I wait my love, with a glass of wine

Raising toast to our souls…eternally entwined.

Copyright: Mahima Sharma

The Author is an Independent Journalist and Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters)

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