Tribute To The Time Traveller


Fascinated by Universe when I was small,
Reading just books wouldn’t satisfy me at all,
During my youth, I laid my hands upon a brief history of time,
Penned by Stephen Hawking, it en-captivated me in its prime.

Big Bang was my favourite till Hawking himself replaced it,
I was mesmerised by his determination and iconic grit,
Through his books I traveled to-and-fro the horizon,
Through his writings I would imagine how it would feel inside a Black Hole,
Black Hole the swallower of lost souls….
But Hawking wasn’t swallowed even when the doctors told.

He continued to defy death…stand upfront and bold,
Speaking through an electrical stimulated voice,
He battled on…making choice after choice,
Choice to live, choice to fight
Choice to bend the rays of Life’s light!
Prisoner of his chair, he never was…
And daily traversed through Space through his intellectual grace!

Today he has gone into his Black Hole,
Leaving behind a legacy to be told,
So, while he crosses the universe in a brief history of time
May God bless his powerful soul.

Copyright: Mahima Sharma

The Author is an Independent Journalist & Ex-Senior Journalist with CNN-News 18, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters).

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