Carnegie and the Seagull



There central in th’ appointed place

He stands composed and stern, with grace

Eyes focused, clear, direct, and strong

He gazes o’er the teeming throng


A benefactor great and kind

Admired worldwide for wealth and mind

Strong his brow and great his poise

Exemplar for a’ men and boys


His metal fist can’t swat the gull

That stands oblivious on his skull

And dribbles constant streams of shite

To soak bronze cheeks with tears of white


If from beyond you may forgive

The bird that soils your face yet lives

There on your plinth above The Glen

A towering fowl above most men


The droppings fall yet, now and then,

Because the seagull disnae ken


Copyright Mac Logan

Mac Logan is a Scottish Poet & Author.

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