Carnegie and the Seagull

BY MAC LOGAN   There central in th’ appointed place He stands composed and stern, with grace Eyes focused, clear, direct, and strong He gazes o’er the teeming throng   A benefactor great and kind Admired worldwide for wealth and mind Strong his brow and great his poise Exemplar for a’ men and boys   His metal fist can’t swat the gull That stands oblivious … Continue reading Carnegie and the Seagull

Arran Morning

BY MAC LOGAN   Tendrils of mist unfurl Diffuse light Dissipate   Rocky crags take solid shape Stark Desolate   Waves pound the shore Strong Rhythmical   Seabirds spring towards infinity Light Delicate Soar high on sea-breeze eddies Flotsam of the hurricane   Primal colour Mixed on a celestial palette, Splashed with abandon on the canvas.   Copyright Mac Logan Mac Logan is a Scottish … Continue reading Arran Morning

The Dark Corner

BY MAC LOGAN   Smothered, hidden, cobweb-bound, cached facets twitch yet gather dust. No casement dare transparent show the fury, dread and craven lust.   There in the dark, restrained, they twitch … and sob and spark and never die. Deep in seams of psyche hid, caged, not dormant. Wild, they lie.   Pupae-like they squirm and strain, mutating, breakout ever near. Unpredicted, crouched to … Continue reading The Dark Corner


BY TARQUIN RAFFERTY-SUTHERLAND The sombre full-moon peaks behind a bloated, pitch-black cloud; pregnant with the promise of a great down-pour. It’s eerie glowing light filters down and finds your face, in the tormented twilight’s deepest, darkest hour. …and the the blood pounds in your ears and your subconscious fills with childhood fears; the terror seems to make you float and horror grabs you by the … Continue reading Monsters