A Picture of Heaven

BY DAVE CANNON The sunshine enlightens my spirit,Breaching the darkest corridors of the soul,Generating a golden radiance that illuminates my every move, The colored petals of cherry blossom cushion my footsteps,And stimulate my senses with a scent of true splendor,Laying a sheath of sweet aromatic silk that caresses the skin, The gentle breeze whispers throughout the treetops,And catches the falling blossom,Creating a shower of pink … Continue reading A Picture of Heaven

I Am A Woman Flame On Ice

BY MAHIMA SHARMA When present was dark and future… wrong,Existence was no longer a melodious song.When Life seemed only a stormy… steep hill,Among the clouds – dark and still. Heart was low and hurdles high,Lips longed to smile, but eyes would cry. I paused, breathed and gathered my wings…I did not quit, I am a womanTook the final flight with all my might… I did … Continue reading I Am A Woman Flame On Ice

The Girl Who Owned A Rainbow

BY MAHIMA SHARMA ‘Swift and sloshing over the rocks, River of Life flows like a song. Some will see…only the hurdles, But other few…just sing along. Smiling through the battles, It is nothing a cost in giving. Laughing through the sorrows, Making each day worth living. Clouds are dark, sound scary & deep? No. Stars await, beyond my leap. Storm, lightening or floods of hurdle? … Continue reading The Girl Who Owned A Rainbow

Freedom! Woman You Hold Your Own Key

BY MAHIMA SHARMA At the stroke of the midnight hour, O Woman, awake, arise and raise the bar, Unchain yourself, set yourself free, O Woman! Don’t Try to be what you aren’t supposed to be. No one but you, holds yourself in captivity, No one but only you, can open up to Life’s beauty. Responsibilities beckon you…I agree, But make yourself too…a priority. Don’t be … Continue reading Freedom! Woman You Hold Your Own Key

The Silver Lining

BY MAHIMA SHARMA When it is dark and future bleak,We forget to see the silver streak,The darkest cloud gives the heaviest rain,When flowers bloom, swiping off disdain. So…embrace darkness without an easy forego,Give it a parting hug before you let it go,Enjoy the eclipse and its short string,Coz only clashed paths form the ‘Diamond Ring’ Only when low…we learn our weaker points,Only in the storm…we … Continue reading The Silver Lining